Obituary for Kiri Campbell’s Creditxchange

Without anyone even questioning it as a scam anymore, Creditxchange  is fading away.   With its public Facebook page replaced with closed groups for a few dozen true believers to share banking conspiracies and pseudo-legal diatribes, it’s not even very visible.

Providing all the benefits of WINZ without the strings  would be very popular if only petrol stations, supermarkets and shoe shops would accept Credit Exchange credits.  Unfortunately no sane business will accept a currency created by the fiat of an admitted fraudster.  Adulation from the internet’s political  fringe won’t change that.  At least few people seem to have lost their $45.

Is Credit Exchange a scam?

A first reaction to Credit Exchange’s promotions on Waitangi Day was the question of whether it’s a scam.  Promise free credit of $50,000 per-annum for just purchasing a $45 card triggers the ‘to good to be true test’.

It’s a bit more odd than a simple scam though.  Unregistered and with only the contact details of a Paihia taxi firm, the venture’s only directly identifiable person seems to be Kiri Campbell a past cause célèbre of the bizarre Freeman movement.

Looking into the associated Facebook chatter, videos and sympathetic websites it appears this venture’s foundation is an economic and political fantasy-land.

A Permanent Holiday

I’m starting my Christmas holidays with a road trip this week.  After some consideration I’ve decided it’ll also start a permanent holiday for 100 Word Blog.    
While it’s been fun, the 100 Word format was always an experiment and I think I’ve proved that a 100 Word blog is practical.  Also my Minnow Party project’s over and I can’t think of another I want to pick up just now.
So all that’s left is to say thanks to everyone who’s read, commented on, linked to and/or provided material over the past year and a bit. 
Really, thank you all.

The Flyover: Bypass Redux

How tiresome.  The dogmatism that characterised the anti-bypass campaigns has reappeared unchanged for changes around the Basin Reserve.

If the anti-flyover people are to be believed it’s being proposed because road planners are stupid and engaged in a conspiracy to build more roads.  It’s like reading SOLO on climate change, a plot by climate scientists to feather their nests.
If building more and better roads is so harmful why aren’t they recommending reducing capacity on the existing network?  That seems to be the logic to their arguments.  Funny they’re not using the bypass as an example of things going wrong.

How to euthanise a goldfish

Bubble became grew thin and then was found at the bottom of the tank.   We decided that we had to be cruel to be kind, but how?

After some research, spurred by my reticence at flushing a live goldfish down the loo, I discovered a comparatively humane way of sending Bubble to the ornamental pond in the sky. 

Apparently goldfish hibernate at low temperatures, so popping a goldfish in a plastic bag of its tank/pond’s water and popping that bag in the freezer is the relatively peaceful demise.  Much, much better than the single hammer blow someone suggested!

An Open Letter to the Republic of New Zealand Party

Chaps I see you are ‘reviewing‘ your site.  I hope you review your whole party.  Your elections results can’t be much more than you’d get from mistaken votes alone.  
There was not one thing you did competently during the election campaign, little campaigning that there was.  You couldn’t even get the basic paper work right.  Bumbling aside, you give republicanism a bad name by using it as a cover for your primary purpose of promoting your brand of “Men’s Rights”.  Stick to men’s rights and you may make a contribution without besmirching other causes with your antics.

Free, universally popular and you can announce it immediately

One of the best political satires ever, The Thick of It, has one episode where a British Government Minister asking his assistants for a policy that’s free, universally popular and something he could announce immediately. 
I tried to think up such a policy myself.  Only one came to mind, but it’s a good one – get rid of government agencies’ fancy branding.  Such branding is unnecessary. While government campaigns might need a brand, there’s no need to brand WINZ.  Phase it out and there’d be virtually no cost.  With easy guidelines, design could be done on standard software.